28 June 2005

DoF - A Year In Waiting [drift002]

After an amazing debut release comes an equally enchanting album by DoF who produced some sincerely moving acoustic melodies for Sinestetici. He keeps the same style on his album, classical music merged with crunchy idm beats. The pianos and flutes mix with the digital snap-crackle-pop like peas in a pod. Album has an additional twist to it by naming each track as one month in the year and reflecting a specific mood of a certain month in each track.
Beautiful followup to drift001, very well produced and assembled. Great work!


24 June 2005

Zucchini - After The Twilight [bump003]

Japanese label Bumpfoot is new on the blocks and you're all probably thinking its more weirdness from the land of the rising sun. So wrong! Third one by Zucchini harkens back to the heyday of hardcore techno circa mid 90ies and evokes the opposite side of it, heralded as detroit trance then, nowadays more known as deep-something. Dreamy simple melodies with the oldskool handclaps and cowbells doing the rhytm shuffle on top of a straightforward 4/4 beat. Three tracks of laidback bliss, seemingly working around a similar theme. Nothing is short and fluffy, After the Twilight recalls the dream house craze with the genre staple piano and Sunset - Horizon pulses slowly in a hypnotic tribal beat pattern.
This mesmerizing three tracker, refreshing and nostalgic would surely gone unnoticed if not for h0l's short but intruiging commentary on archive.org's release page. Kudos and plugs for monotonik, legaltorrents, ffwd, gamasutra and whatnot h0l/simon is involved in nowadays. Dude, how do you cram it all in in a 24 hour day?

After the Twilight
Sunset - Horizon

23 June 2005

micromusic.net 8-track selection

Micromusic is the chip lovin' community that's been around for years. As part of their existence they feature a monthly stack of fresh chips (chips, hehe, get it? pun! not funny? oh well!) by unknows and well knowns (Goto80, Bitshifter, Role Model) of the scene all for free, barring the short registration process. And some of those tracks are really great and we thought they are too well hidden for you weekend bitwarriors, therefore this short feature. For the purposes of this blog we circumvented the login process, using some poke cheats like 1337 haXX0rZ, hopefully the micromusic omnisupreme being won't notice/mind.

prepare for some electrochip bootyshakin featured in no particular order:

Jensen Sportag - Bass Cops
Dirty 1200 - Girl (Don't U Know)
Pornophonique - I Want To Be A Machine
Raw Model - Ass Porn Tits
2149 - DataDance
Tokyomatik - Who's Jacking
Macaroni - Love Car
Fixer - Bluesy Fish

Psilodump - You Sick Little Monkey [XD-NETS-002]

X-Dump 8bit collective storms the scene with the second release after the critically acclaimed (that sounds cool), but not .phonq featured, Skruvmejsel's "L8 Mas-Q" (Psilodumps remix on that one is something). Psilodump is welding 8bit crunch with sample jacking, rock guitars and a kitchen sink. Four tracks of Psilodumps madness (or is it - brilliance) and remixes by Pippilina (folktronica way), Dorothy's Magic Bag (an indierock restyling, weirdness ppl) and Lithis's idm-tronica colored reworking.
A Rephlex induced samplefest not for the fainthearted!

You Sick Little Monkey
Follow the Leaders
Senki Otus
Ninja Cookies
You're So Spül öf Fidd (Pippilina Remix)
Psilodumputer (Dorothy's Magic Bag Rock Me-Mix)
Washed (Lithis Remix)

21 June 2005

Salam - Salam [WM016]

Maybe its just a coincidence or a start of a welcome new trend but the netaudio scene gets another world music release, this time from WM Recordings. Its finest african folk pop by a senegalese band Salam taken from their live performances. Miraculous percussion with guitar and violin influenced by the sound of the Casamance (a river in Senegal apparently).
Quite enchanting music really, genuine folk influences with the high energy charge of a live performance. Those violin solos just blow me away every time.


19 June 2005

Timm Kawohl - Cascades [THN073]

Thinner remains at its usual high level with this fine release by Timm Kawohl and heaps of remixes by the usual suspects (Taho, Mateo Murphy, Brian Kage, etc.). Six lovely track of nighttime techhouse music, swinging and grooving, and equally as much remixes, one for each track, by the Thinner alumni. Some more clicky, some more detroit, some more tech, but all summery and beautiful. Again an awesome production from the Thinner mastodont.

Afternoon Sky
Life in Half
Notorious Hunter
Afternoon Sky (Taho Remix)
Providence (Eloi Brunelle Remix)
Life in Half (Paul Keeley Remix)
Cascades (Dennis DeSantis Remix)
Ride (Mateo Murphy Remix)
Notorious Hunter (Brian Kage Remix)

14 June 2005

Kaazim Zareb - Miraaya [wh062]

Now this is something special. A professional bellydancer accompanist plays arabic melodies with improvisationalism typical for jazz performances. Real world music experience, its autochton and ethnic. Doesn't matter if you listen to individual tracks or the album in its entirety it has the force to just whisk you away from your regular life onto the arabic sands and markets.

Its uncommon to find world music in netaudio circles, and thats an understatement. So we have high regards for this album by the prolific Kaazim Zareb and his improvs and subdues melos. And the vocals, oooooh, eternal and epic. Its really hard to describe it in words, its centuries of cherished tradition in a new shiny package.

Brought to you by the always interesting Webbed Hand Records.

In Depths
Tareeq Sahraawee
Samai Nahawand
Zahaab wa Eeyab
Naseet (Yatzakkar Dub)
Samai Nahawand (remix)

06 June 2005

Cushman - On Da Highway [hmr002]

some extra nice beat goodness coming your way via Hungrymen Records, fresh netlabel from Berlin.

Cushman serves you 4 chilled hip/triphop instrumentals, oldskooled and laidback. First two tracks being dominantly hiphop in its core and the other two going the trippy Bristol way. We're very partial to Stories in Stories and its unobtrusive vocals that are hidden under layers of lo-fi goodness.

tracks we like:

Act on Your Instruction
Stories in Stories
Through the Night

This newish format is made so we can satisfy the podcast demanding public, so in the future we'll link to the tracks we liked from a release, instead of just one! There's more changes in store for the near future too!

01 June 2005

Elysis - Dreamwork Astronaut LP [corpidex004]

You might remember Elysis from his works on NOISE (now defunct netlabel but with their cataogue still available for download). Now he's back on Corporate Identity with a retrospective LP+ of almost and hour and a half of his works from 1999 till today.

Elysis' tracks have always carried an atypical warmth for electronic pieces and that is no exception on this LP, mostly drawing influences from Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, The Orb, FSOL and alike. Whilst most of his works are deeply analogue and electronic in nature like Vapour Trail, Neuronal Diving or Beyond the Borders, there are also beatless ambient drones in Natural Magic or dancefloor like sounding Push DH and Dreamwork Astronaut. Everything strictly synthesized!

recommended track: Beyond the Borders

A wonderful, electronic, in its original meaning, timeless music that is still fresh after 6 years. Really nice catch on Corporate Identity, now if only the ID tags aren't such a mess, some are labeling the mp3 as a noisemusic release, other as a loopnet release, and the artist tag is different in every other track. That doesn't look nice in the audio library!