19 June 2005

Timm Kawohl - Cascades [THN073]

Thinner remains at its usual high level with this fine release by Timm Kawohl and heaps of remixes by the usual suspects (Taho, Mateo Murphy, Brian Kage, etc.). Six lovely track of nighttime techhouse music, swinging and grooving, and equally as much remixes, one for each track, by the Thinner alumni. Some more clicky, some more detroit, some more tech, but all summery and beautiful. Again an awesome production from the Thinner mastodont.

Afternoon Sky
Life in Half
Notorious Hunter
Afternoon Sky (Taho Remix)
Providence (Eloi Brunelle Remix)
Life in Half (Paul Keeley Remix)
Cascades (Dennis DeSantis Remix)
Ride (Mateo Murphy Remix)
Notorious Hunter (Brian Kage Remix)

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