21 June 2005

Salam - Salam [WM016]

Maybe its just a coincidence or a start of a welcome new trend but the netaudio scene gets another world music release, this time from WM Recordings. Its finest african folk pop by a senegalese band Salam taken from their live performances. Miraculous percussion with guitar and violin influenced by the sound of the Casamance (a river in Senegal apparently).
Quite enchanting music really, genuine folk influences with the high energy charge of a live performance. Those violin solos just blow me away every time.



DraCo said...

Although I listen to world music (after all, I'm an ethnologist - a very lousy one) this release didn't suit me that much. Don't know why...

djmitch said...

yo dudes,

first of all compliments for the Blog.
Well designed and thrue interesting.

Second, I have not heard this release but if you post it here I'm sure that is a sign of quality.

Best wishes,