23 June 2005

Psilodump - You Sick Little Monkey [XD-NETS-002]

X-Dump 8bit collective storms the scene with the second release after the critically acclaimed (that sounds cool), but not .phonq featured, Skruvmejsel's "L8 Mas-Q" (Psilodumps remix on that one is something). Psilodump is welding 8bit crunch with sample jacking, rock guitars and a kitchen sink. Four tracks of Psilodumps madness (or is it - brilliance) and remixes by Pippilina (folktronica way), Dorothy's Magic Bag (an indierock restyling, weirdness ppl) and Lithis's idm-tronica colored reworking.
A Rephlex induced samplefest not for the fainthearted!

You Sick Little Monkey
Follow the Leaders
Senki Otus
Ninja Cookies
You're So Spül öf Fidd (Pippilina Remix)
Psilodumputer (Dorothy's Magic Bag Rock Me-Mix)
Washed (Lithis Remix)

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