23 July 2005

VA - Minor Fading Zero [lnz01]

'twas a while! We're still here altho a bit hampered with the loss of broadband internet and the warm sunshine. A very lethal combination and we lagged behind on the reviews. So lets get started!

Leibniz is a russian netlabel which introduces itself to the netlabel grind with a warm compilation of minimal everything tracks. Featuring scene alumni Selffish as the icebreaker of the compilation in his usual techhouse style. The come the debutantes Sk1e, Ambidextrous (altho i cannot shake the feeling i listened to some of his tracks before), Audiocad, M.Khvasko. And the absolute peak of the compilation comes with the dreamish click house remix of Noch (Night), a jazz track with a heavenly vocal performed by Twin Solo and remixed by Unit 21.

We loved every track on this debut, nice and soft techhouse detroit minimalism. Its surprising considering all the unknown names but life is full of surprises. :)

selffish - splash
sk1e - sun after rain (rainy day)
ambidextrous - serasun
audiocad - snap to sea
m.khvasko - night light soft
audiocad - ground sector
unit 21 feat. twin solo - noch (remix)