19 January 2006

Textile God of Sweden - Musik för Dig

Its those funky cats from the Disciples of Ageema clan! The self proclaimed Textile God of Sweden brings you a selection of raw funky soulful experimental disco hiphop cuts. Confused yet? No worries, we'll guide you through this hybridizes yet stylish mishmash (in its most positive sense).

From the raw dirty organ funk-house meets ambient on Mary's Poem (bootleg) on to Alice, a hazy collage of jazz and funk drunken sampling (yup, i'm making stuff up as i go). Night People is a tight compressed filtered up house ditty with traces of jazz. Mary's Poem 2 (bootleg) draws a lot from the 80's hiphop, disco and synthpop vibes. The Fruit of Our Hard Work, a bluesy number with a special nostalgic chip feeling completes this release leaving you wanting more.

Albeit raw in its core, this release is filled with soul and has a special warmth to it that cannot be described but it can be felt while listening. Worship Ageema!

Mary's Poem (bootleg)
Night People
Mary's Poem 2 (bootleg)
The Fruit of Our Hard Work (version)

17 November 2005

Maus - Recognizer (drift004)

The amazing Drift records released a full album of crunchy analogue IDMtronica by the one called Maus featuring 13 tracks of retro analogueness.

Strongly reminiscent of ye olde amiga demos with some crunchy contemporary beatwork amalgamating into a luscious blend of now and then. Excellent stuff indeed! Now where did i put that WinUAE?

3 - 0
No Value Token
Please Come Back
Maybe Brooklyn
Drop In
Dead Battery
Venice Bit Circle
5 Westminster

ps: as you can see, we're back! for good? we'll see...

23 July 2005

VA - Minor Fading Zero [lnz01]

'twas a while! We're still here altho a bit hampered with the loss of broadband internet and the warm sunshine. A very lethal combination and we lagged behind on the reviews. So lets get started!

Leibniz is a russian netlabel which introduces itself to the netlabel grind with a warm compilation of minimal everything tracks. Featuring scene alumni Selffish as the icebreaker of the compilation in his usual techhouse style. The come the debutantes Sk1e, Ambidextrous (altho i cannot shake the feeling i listened to some of his tracks before), Audiocad, M.Khvasko. And the absolute peak of the compilation comes with the dreamish click house remix of Noch (Night), a jazz track with a heavenly vocal performed by Twin Solo and remixed by Unit 21.

We loved every track on this debut, nice and soft techhouse detroit minimalism. Its surprising considering all the unknown names but life is full of surprises. :)

selffish - splash
sk1e - sun after rain (rainy day)
ambidextrous - serasun
audiocad - snap to sea
m.khvasko - night light soft
audiocad - ground sector
unit 21 feat. twin solo - noch (remix)

28 June 2005

DoF - A Year In Waiting [drift002]

After an amazing debut release comes an equally enchanting album by DoF who produced some sincerely moving acoustic melodies for Sinestetici. He keeps the same style on his album, classical music merged with crunchy idm beats. The pianos and flutes mix with the digital snap-crackle-pop like peas in a pod. Album has an additional twist to it by naming each track as one month in the year and reflecting a specific mood of a certain month in each track.
Beautiful followup to drift001, very well produced and assembled. Great work!


24 June 2005

Zucchini - After The Twilight [bump003]

Japanese label Bumpfoot is new on the blocks and you're all probably thinking its more weirdness from the land of the rising sun. So wrong! Third one by Zucchini harkens back to the heyday of hardcore techno circa mid 90ies and evokes the opposite side of it, heralded as detroit trance then, nowadays more known as deep-something. Dreamy simple melodies with the oldskool handclaps and cowbells doing the rhytm shuffle on top of a straightforward 4/4 beat. Three tracks of laidback bliss, seemingly working around a similar theme. Nothing is short and fluffy, After the Twilight recalls the dream house craze with the genre staple piano and Sunset - Horizon pulses slowly in a hypnotic tribal beat pattern.
This mesmerizing three tracker, refreshing and nostalgic would surely gone unnoticed if not for h0l's short but intruiging commentary on archive.org's release page. Kudos and plugs for monotonik, legaltorrents, ffwd, gamasutra and whatnot h0l/simon is involved in nowadays. Dude, how do you cram it all in in a 24 hour day?

After the Twilight
Sunset - Horizon

23 June 2005

micromusic.net 8-track selection

Micromusic is the chip lovin' community that's been around for years. As part of their existence they feature a monthly stack of fresh chips (chips, hehe, get it? pun! not funny? oh well!) by unknows and well knowns (Goto80, Bitshifter, Role Model) of the scene all for free, barring the short registration process. And some of those tracks are really great and we thought they are too well hidden for you weekend bitwarriors, therefore this short feature. For the purposes of this blog we circumvented the login process, using some poke cheats like 1337 haXX0rZ, hopefully the micromusic omnisupreme being won't notice/mind.

prepare for some electrochip bootyshakin featured in no particular order:

Jensen Sportag - Bass Cops
Dirty 1200 - Girl (Don't U Know)
Pornophonique - I Want To Be A Machine
Raw Model - Ass Porn Tits
2149 - DataDance
Tokyomatik - Who's Jacking
Macaroni - Love Car
Fixer - Bluesy Fish

Psilodump - You Sick Little Monkey [XD-NETS-002]

X-Dump 8bit collective storms the scene with the second release after the critically acclaimed (that sounds cool), but not .phonq featured, Skruvmejsel's "L8 Mas-Q" (Psilodumps remix on that one is something). Psilodump is welding 8bit crunch with sample jacking, rock guitars and a kitchen sink. Four tracks of Psilodumps madness (or is it - brilliance) and remixes by Pippilina (folktronica way), Dorothy's Magic Bag (an indierock restyling, weirdness ppl) and Lithis's idm-tronica colored reworking.
A Rephlex induced samplefest not for the fainthearted!

You Sick Little Monkey
Follow the Leaders
Senki Otus
Ninja Cookies
You're So Spül öf Fidd (Pippilina Remix)
Psilodumputer (Dorothy's Magic Bag Rock Me-Mix)
Washed (Lithis Remix)