19 January 2006

Textile God of Sweden - Musik för Dig

Its those funky cats from the Disciples of Ageema clan! The self proclaimed Textile God of Sweden brings you a selection of raw funky soulful experimental disco hiphop cuts. Confused yet? No worries, we'll guide you through this hybridizes yet stylish mishmash (in its most positive sense).

From the raw dirty organ funk-house meets ambient on Mary's Poem (bootleg) on to Alice, a hazy collage of jazz and funk drunken sampling (yup, i'm making stuff up as i go). Night People is a tight compressed filtered up house ditty with traces of jazz. Mary's Poem 2 (bootleg) draws a lot from the 80's hiphop, disco and synthpop vibes. The Fruit of Our Hard Work, a bluesy number with a special nostalgic chip feeling completes this release leaving you wanting more.

Albeit raw in its core, this release is filled with soul and has a special warmth to it that cannot be described but it can be felt while listening. Worship Ageema!

Mary's Poem (bootleg)
Night People
Mary's Poem 2 (bootleg)
The Fruit of Our Hard Work (version)


Nova said...


applejux said...

thanx, i didn't know about this. ;)

Dustin Senos said...

Haha I think I got a headache reading your description but I enjoyed it non the less. Alice sounded like:

(Manitoba + Fourtet) / Squarepusher (with a pinch of bonobo)

*the pinch of bonobo is key