24 June 2005

Zucchini - After The Twilight [bump003]

Japanese label Bumpfoot is new on the blocks and you're all probably thinking its more weirdness from the land of the rising sun. So wrong! Third one by Zucchini harkens back to the heyday of hardcore techno circa mid 90ies and evokes the opposite side of it, heralded as detroit trance then, nowadays more known as deep-something. Dreamy simple melodies with the oldskool handclaps and cowbells doing the rhytm shuffle on top of a straightforward 4/4 beat. Three tracks of laidback bliss, seemingly working around a similar theme. Nothing is short and fluffy, After the Twilight recalls the dream house craze with the genre staple piano and Sunset - Horizon pulses slowly in a hypnotic tribal beat pattern.
This mesmerizing three tracker, refreshing and nostalgic would surely gone unnoticed if not for h0l's short but intruiging commentary on archive.org's release page. Kudos and plugs for monotonik, legaltorrents, ffwd, gamasutra and whatnot h0l/simon is involved in nowadays. Dude, how do you cram it all in in a 24 hour day?

After the Twilight
Sunset - Horizon


Anonymous said...

very cool tracks - Love that deep detroit vibe.

Anonymous said...

it changed the URL.