23 June 2005

micromusic.net 8-track selection

Micromusic is the chip lovin' community that's been around for years. As part of their existence they feature a monthly stack of fresh chips (chips, hehe, get it? pun! not funny? oh well!) by unknows and well knowns (Goto80, Bitshifter, Role Model) of the scene all for free, barring the short registration process. And some of those tracks are really great and we thought they are too well hidden for you weekend bitwarriors, therefore this short feature. For the purposes of this blog we circumvented the login process, using some poke cheats like 1337 haXX0rZ, hopefully the micromusic omnisupreme being won't notice/mind.

prepare for some electrochip bootyshakin featured in no particular order:

Jensen Sportag - Bass Cops
Dirty 1200 - Girl (Don't U Know)
Pornophonique - I Want To Be A Machine
Raw Model - Ass Porn Tits
2149 - DataDance
Tokyomatik - Who's Jacking
Macaroni - Love Car
Fixer - Bluesy Fish

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