14 June 2005

Kaazim Zareb - Miraaya [wh062]

Now this is something special. A professional bellydancer accompanist plays arabic melodies with improvisationalism typical for jazz performances. Real world music experience, its autochton and ethnic. Doesn't matter if you listen to individual tracks or the album in its entirety it has the force to just whisk you away from your regular life onto the arabic sands and markets.

Its uncommon to find world music in netaudio circles, and thats an understatement. So we have high regards for this album by the prolific Kaazim Zareb and his improvs and subdues melos. And the vocals, oooooh, eternal and epic. Its really hard to describe it in words, its centuries of cherished tradition in a new shiny package.

Brought to you by the always interesting Webbed Hand Records.

In Depths
Tareeq Sahraawee
Samai Nahawand
Zahaab wa Eeyab
Naseet (Yatzakkar Dub)
Samai Nahawand (remix)

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