01 June 2005

Elysis - Dreamwork Astronaut LP [corpidex004]

You might remember Elysis from his works on NOISE (now defunct netlabel but with their cataogue still available for download). Now he's back on Corporate Identity with a retrospective LP+ of almost and hour and a half of his works from 1999 till today.

Elysis' tracks have always carried an atypical warmth for electronic pieces and that is no exception on this LP, mostly drawing influences from Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, The Orb, FSOL and alike. Whilst most of his works are deeply analogue and electronic in nature like Vapour Trail, Neuronal Diving or Beyond the Borders, there are also beatless ambient drones in Natural Magic or dancefloor like sounding Push DH and Dreamwork Astronaut. Everything strictly synthesized!

recommended track: Beyond the Borders

A wonderful, electronic, in its original meaning, timeless music that is still fresh after 6 years. Really nice catch on Corporate Identity, now if only the ID tags aren't such a mess, some are labeling the mp3 as a noisemusic release, other as a loopnet release, and the artist tag is different in every other track. That doesn't look nice in the audio library!


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ps said...

ai, this new elysis album owns bad!