26 May 2005

Starfrosh - Da Schau Her [rabr006]

That lovable collective that brings you the podcast and britney - the netaudio mother braves the music side of netlabel "business" and makes a release on the swiss Realaudio label.

Starfrosch is the name and Da Schau Her is the release title. Funk being the primary definition of the music found on the release with tender vocals, filtered here and there, funk guitars and a steady rhythm section together in a live jam (atleast it sounds live to me). Each track of the 4 oozes groove and funk while the fifth, retooling of Series3 by McLoud, has more rock like guitars. I do have to complain about the constant 'starfrosch' repeating sample in some tracks, self-promotion is good but in small doses. Still, a really fine release by the Bern guys and gals who know their funk, touching the rarely explored musical genre in the scene.

recommended track: Don't Ever Come Back

Kudos to realaudio guys to finally release something worthwhile after rabr001.


1 comment:

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