25 May 2005

GILO - Chasing The Dragon [enrmp049]

GILO, a portuguese born Londoner, brings you his downtempo ep via Enough Records and their quite minimal website (hint: scroll all the way down for the release list).

As we are suckers for laidback trip-hop beats we got hooked on the annoucement and promises of the aforementioned. Lucky, lucky, cause some fine downtempo we got indeed. First track, Ai Visto... filled with scratches, floating vocal lines,phat beats, piano tingles and portuguese radio transmissions that manage to sound really melancholic. is it cause of the language? we honestly cannot tell! Lei 4 goes more laidback with a string quartet, slower beats and another portuguese radio transmission but suddenly switches into an electroid beat halfway through. Xangai features an absolutely wonderful chinese melody over strong beats with a dreamy vocal sample. a truly remarkable track!

recommended track: Xiangai

World is full of surprises. I went and downloaded this release with very low expectations and got blasted away with excellent quality and talent on this one. Every track has its own aura yet the complete release sounds like one whole. Great beats and quality sampling by Gilo. Now if only it there were some more artist info, like in the ID tags or somewhere, eh?


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gamma ray blast said...

Great music, great beat, in my opinion GILO is a promisse of future. My favorite track is "Lei", good vibe, good feeling. "Chasing the Dragon" is a surprise. GRB