24 May 2005

VA - Pentagonik Label Compilation [pntg001]

Pentagonik is a new german netlabel, apparently specialized in tech/micro/click house variants and they started their life with a big compilation filled with mostly unknown names (at least in the netlabel world).

The first two tracks are a tad boring sparse click affairs and aren't replayable, maybe they work only on the dancefloor. Things really start to move with Ludwig Coenen's acidy L5 and a trademark house beat but a bit too long with not enough progression. Demir shuffles things a bit on You Got It but the acidic taste remains until Kairos says No More Acid and goes the tech-house way. Liam o'Leary and Heyden keep rockin' with Rock The Boat, glitchy-quirky stomping track with melodic breaks inbetween. Mabik's Deep House does a 180 degree turn and goes all french house deep on you together with Kareem's synth waves in Fuck The Rack On. Cint wraps it up with a standardish ambiental Bluescreen.

recommended track: Mabik - Deep House

Quite nice introduction to the world by Pentagonik, nothing amazing but a quality showcase nevertheless (if you manage to live through the first two tracks) since there are some really fine techhouse grooves in the heart of the compilation. Kinda refreshing after all that clickglitchmicro stuff that comes out regularly. Judging from the site and the release party images Pentagonik guys have high ideals for the label but they fail to deliver since this release is dated 04.03.2005 and they haven't released anything meanwhile. And that is a real shame cause there is some real talent on that label. Come on guys, don't pull the one hit stunt here!



Buddy said...

Hey People,

our next release is coming in June the 1st. So if yall wanna enjoy the release party with us, yall have to come to the watergate in Berlin.You will like it.

So enjoy our next release.

hear ya...

from pentagonik

Eric said...

Haha, looks like we have a lot of crossover. I posted tracks from pntg001 and tdrlp02 on Knobtweakers.

Great minds think alike, eh?

argus said...

could be! or i'm picking up tips from your site :) but your idea is better!

Eric said...

hahahaha, that's okay, I've nabbed a tip or two from you, as well. ;)