23 May 2005

Comfort Fit - Forget & Remember LP [tdrlp02]

Suh-weet! After a lengthy pause Tokyo Dawn Records bursts at the seams with a full album release filled with lovely souljazzhiphop goodness!

Comfort Fit graced us with a chock full album of thoroughly souled hiphop beats. 20, yup, 20 tracks of what you're used to from TDR, a whole lotta soul, a bit jazz, retro hiphop beats and a slice of techno even. All that produced and mastered to perfection with a lovely set of covers. Most of the tracks are instrumental beats but Blaktroniks made a vocal appearance on Freeze The Cut and Something To Do, as did Mercury Waters on She Knows Me Now. Ranging from jazz tributes, 70's grooves, straight up hiphop bouncers and even love songs, Comfort Fit put out a diverse yet tight, well rounded out release.

recommended track: oh, just download the whole album

"a very personal diary of mine. I feel music is my natural form of expression, not words", Comfort Fit says. "It is very important for me to escape from the noise pollution of the cities and from the media hypes going on. I'd rather create my own". And you can feel it, through and through.


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Anonymous said...

killer album!
a MUST download for hiphop and funk lovers :) thanks for pointing out to it!