19 May 2005

Lily Lavandula - Neccopuck EP [lcd055]

Following the well trodden path of rephlex and warp signed artists, Lily Lavandula comes in full force in an incredible mishmash of downbeat, drum'n'bass, idm, drone, electro, ambient, etc. that is called Neccopuck EP. The short temp8080 romps in a Squarepusher style, ambient strings and windpipes over complex processed breaks. ximer2 goes the way of glitch'n'noise confronting slow tripped out beats in a kinda sewery atmosphere. Another shortish track, Siren, reminds of aphex twin while playing with vocal snippets and chip melodies. Tasty is a grime sounding piece, with a prominent bassline but keeps on playing with breaks, filters, effects and samples. Everything ends when ambient drones with field recordings clash into rigid beats that take on an oriental twist in sesionNoises.

I'm left a bit speechless after hearing Neccopuck. It is an experimental sounding release but what does that mean in todays electronica, maybe we should just say its an electronica album. Anyhow it is executed really well, blending various influences and electronica genres with ease in this EP. Overall it sounds a bit bleak, depressive even, but it's a nice set of headphone tracks with lots of small things going on in each track. I only miss that the two short tracks aren't developed into lengthier mixes. That's creative process for you.

A great release by an unknown artist on an unknown, atleast to me, label. This was infact 55th release on LacedMilk Technologies. I suppose I missed out on this label cause of its poorly built and difficult to navigate webpage, dunno. Presentation is key and first impressions are important.

recommended track: Siren



Marc Paige said...

Hey ... i've just found an interesting peice of information about this release. While browsing the website of the artist transient, i accidentally highlighted the bottom portion of a screen which revealed a small list of 'secret release' and this one is listed.
Just highlight the screen with your mouse below the last releases listed and there it is! :)

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