18 April 2005

Moe Lodin - rwb012 [rwb012]

new release after ages for racewillbegin. a virtual 7", complete with b-sides and all, of indietronica's finest offering in the netlabel world.

on the a side we find the hazy vocals of Hello Snow, laidback in its beat, playful yet somehow sad. on the flip side are two tracks: Come Glockenspiel, a simple melody played on a casio synth that misses the beat here and there just to accent the childish playfulness of the track. if you remember our tip a couple of posts lower (actually its only 2 but that sounded better) about Ella Glockenspiel, I Killed Out Love Before You is a cover of one of Ella's songs. synth based simple beats and melodies with the title of the track as the chorus. its so 80's and its too short :)

recommended track: Hello Snow

yep, its been a while since racewillbegin released anything but it was worth the wait. this one's on repeat for days people! and i'm still not bored with it.

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Anonymous said...

hi phonq!

nice start! hope you keep the good work up. i know how hard that can be.
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