15 April 2005

Christan Walt: After the Rain [id10]

heh, the irony. the rain has stopped and in my inbox pops up the announcement of interdisco's 10th release.

Christian Walt is blending house beats, pop vocalism and electronica melodies into true lovemusic of tomorrow, on his latest ep. Promise puts it into gear with daft vocals and love lyrics. second track, Light at the End of the Tunel, keeps it easy until the punky Sooner or Later (Once Again), with vocals lost in static and plenty of heavy acid. for closure, After the Rain builds just a simple piano tune into a finisher track that ends this release on a higly positive note.

recommended track: After the Rain

another treat from interdisco! even if you don't like house music, give it a try, cause the entire release has an overall idm-ish feel and strays quite a bit from the norm. don't miss this one! really! DON'T!

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