15 April 2005

two liner reviews

time for some sweet short reviews

Julien Love: I'll Be Your Waterfall
sexy tune full of soul and true funk sound. not funky but the real deal, THE funk.
another different release by the everlasting "some kind of label" ageema!

Drei Farben House: Stadtarchiv EP [corpidex003]
Corporate Identity's 2 track ep of deep techy house extravaganza. perfectly mellow. a.m.-ish type of muzak. vocals included.

Ella Glockenspiel - singhappysing!
just a little tip for the end. not a netlabel release per se, but a demo from swedish author/singer Ella Glockenspiel. some of the finest indietronica on the net. really. wonderful. music.

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Lukasssss said...

Yes, Julien Love IS teh isht. :)