12 April 2005

Confused Man: Floating Deluxe [sof010]

Sofasound is an excellent label with major presentation issues. their english page lists only 5 releases while the german one hasn't been updated for a month. fortunately, their archive.org space is in good care cause that's the only place you'll find this release.

lounge beats with a distinct Vienna sound is what you'll find on this one. overall quite an acoustic album with french accordions, acoustic guitars and sitars. Breathing (AddSmokeDub) (a remix of Calm Be's track from Sofasounds debut release) cracks the mold slightly with frenzied chipness and reverbed vocals finely vowen in a lounge atmosphere.

recommended track: Breathing (AddSmokeDub)

remind me, why is this free? i feel like i should be paying for this! so finely produced set of lounge beats they are!
and they make excellent listening for these gray, rainy days (its raining like its fall again here).

no cover this time cause its really bad... baaaad. but its the music that counts, right?

1 comment:

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