11 April 2005

Nicorola: Bitstick EP [1bit003]

1bit wonder is yet another new netlabel in the scene which caught me by surprise with its first two releases and truly amazed me with the third outing by Nicorola.

the 5 tracker Bitstick is a playful melodic downtempo package that has a distinct springtime feeling about it.

Popstar's melancholy is superseded by Hijseenpipo and Schmukkel; two songs that shine a bright light upon your spirits with their quirkiness, coquetty vocals, playful melodies and popping beats. the album then travels into beat oriented Timber in which hiphop beats flirt with idm melodics. at the end Nicorola brings it home with a sparse beated, full bodied idm Stillstand.

recommended track: Hijseenpipo

when listened in its entirety, the album sounds like a soundtrack for... er... something, but something beautiful.

btw if you're handy with german or speak babelfishian, Nicorola has his own blog here.

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