09 April 2005

Disrupt: Roots Matrix EP [JTREP01]

who would've thought! chipmusic and reggae dub... welcome to the sid rastafari empire of Jahtari, home of "digital laptop reggae".

4 raw and dirty tracks of delay madness on this release. jah, it sounds just like your c64 got stoned and damn it sounds good.

disrupt can describe it better that i can:
The EP starts off with 'ROOTS MATRIX', a constantly tranforming dub of the classic 'Drum Song' riddim. 'THC 1138' is a hauntig piece based on the digital version of 'Fade Away', driven by a bone-dry bassline and SciFi-movie sound bits. Following up is 'BOMB 20', with the great philosophic discussion between Bomb #20 and Doolittle, Captain of the star-destroying space vessel named 'Dark Star', over Lee Perry's 'Doctor On the Go'-riddim. A haunting melody within layers of tape delays! Last then is 'FOUNDATION BIT', an ultra-heavy, steady-evolving dub with exploding rooms, a membrane-crunching bassline and lots of surprises coming up. Deep, wide and broad - makes you wish you had a third ear! :) ENJOY!
recommended track: Foundation Bit

good ole SID sounds in a spliffy new world. well, please sir, can i have some more?


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