20 April 2005

VA - Elevation [dt005]

elevation is a lovely crafted idm electronica compilation released on yet another new(ish) netlabel - dewtone. serving triple duty as a netradio and news site for netmusic they also have a line of their own releases. this is the 5th release and it is their first ep.

we're starting with phortran's melancholic Switch On and Switch Off filled with mesmeric beat programming. next comes quone and Seeking New Advances, a glitchy uptempo track with broken beats happily stomping away in the background. in the midsection we hit headphone science's melodic electroid Endoh Michyo and its enchanting atmosphere. bend, sinister "jazzez" it up in the laidback Leave Her Good Graces. outroducing the album, is ontagon, on a vocal trip in the mellowland with Forget to Remember.

recommended track: Ontagon: Forget to Remember

damn, i'm glad i stumbled upon this label. it serves fresh melodic electronica, just the way i like it.
there is one thing i'd like to mention. their site isn't very firefox friendly. i hope they're gonna fix that soon!

it seems to me like there's a new label popping up every day and its getting really hard to separate chaff from quality stuff. hopefully .phonq helps you out in that particular area! stay tuned for a couple more new netlabel finds! coming thru this little project during this week!

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