21 April 2005

VA - Communication [nore005]

without any fear of being repetative, i present to you another compilation, another 5th release by another new(ish) netlabel. are you bored yet? you won't be when you hear the music featured on no response's compilation.

fresh from the no response collective comes communication ep - a huge iceblock of chilled minimal techno grooves. all the tracks are excellent pieces of dubtechno but i have to notice that Sad Track is a black sheep amongst the flock cause of its unfitting crawling clickiness amongst the sea wavy dubness featured on other four tracks. Schlittenfahrt is my personal choice cause of its bright beats that made me bop my head unconsciously.

recommended track: Kollektiv Turmstrasse: Schlittenfahrt

me likes this compilation very much, its a finely rounded, finished product with its own vibe. it first caught my attention with familiar names of neurotron and yatsuo motoki but the rest of the no response lineup didn't disappoint.

to end this tirade as we begun... yet another quality netlabel with high quality music, yadda yadda, download it! i really have to think up some new lines!

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