22 April 2005

Bad Loop - Luo [one018]

bad loop is back after three years and he's better than ever on Luo, released on one, yet another netlabel (tm)!

luo is a carefully thought out, well prepared and rounded album. what did you expect from bad loop? the sound of the album nurtures the melodic side of laidback electronica. be it shuffled lush analogue pads in nio and eri valerie or rubber bass with houselike beats in kauniit ihmiset, even kraftwerkian funk of mmin transiting through drones of 3b or t into ambiental sparsness of kannas nsp, each track merges nicely with the other establishing a nice flow from start to end.

recommended track: nio

another notch in the quality electronica section. i've never heard one's releases before, but now i regret it. time to hit their backcatalogue and check their quality level.


blue t-shirt said...

the partikel ep that they re-released is really great...

gammera said...

that was more than a re-release IIRC, it also included 2 or 3 new songs + 3 new mixes =D

the emil klotzsch, paranerd, and plosive albums are great too