27 April 2005

Daniel Stefanik - Silent Whisper EP [instabil04]

here we go with another unknown netlabel - instabil!

4th release on this fairly new netlabel and its a beaut (as the aussies would say). full 45:00+ minutes of ambient music with just enough kickdrums to classify it as dubtechno.
silent whisper ep is a tight package of 5 tracks plus a contribution from thinner's marko f├╝rstenberg and his remix of the third track in a minimal trance way.

the album itself is very well produced with Experience starting and finishing in two slighty different edits thus giving the album a sense of whole. the central point has to be the 14 and a half minute long Earth View with its space transmissions and repeating theme that borders with droning but keeps its lush minimal vibe with heavily subdued beats. surrounding this behemoth are silent whisper, the track marko chose to remix and microfunky Fallout.

recommended track: Fallout

for all purveyors of microbeats, silent whisper ep is a delicacy. night listening material that drones in the background while working on something (like this review). time to leech instabil 01, 02 and 03.

twas a while since the last review but my laptop was in the shop. its fixed now so we can continue with the programme!

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