29 April 2005

Sarah Goldfarb - Absolut Funk EP [SN018]

18th release from a spanish based, minimal oriented netlabel called sinergy networks.

absolut funk ep is a debut of the french Jean-Vince going under the moniker of Sarah Goldfarb, and, man, he's got the funk. the ep is made of two original pieces and 4 remixes of the title track by the likes of lod, abstract groove, funzion and marko fuerstenberg.
the french artist features a deep trance-like funk groove on the title track and gets all funky on kagneton, a bouncing with shuffled rhythms slightly chilled with trancing synths. absolut funk then gets thouroughly deconstructed into a robotic electroid version by lod, crazy clicky noisy rework by abstract groove after which funzion gives us a hypnotic repetitive interpretation, but the real reason you're reading this review is marko fuerstenberg. his remix kicks you in the groin and makes you groove with his detroit synth filled funk pearl, it starts minimal and shuffly and just when it starts to be to repetative marko f. lets those synths roll and you can feel it inside you, you can feel the true funk and you cannot fight it, you just have to dance.

recommended track: absolut funk (marko fuerstenberg remix)

all in all, SN018 is a funk filled minimal collage owing that to a large number of remixers that stamped absolut funk with their distinct rhytmic signature.
beware that the tracks are encoded in 256kbps and are bit heavy on the bandwidth but its worth it if you enjoy clicky minimal beats!

despite the large number of netlabels, quality stuff is a bit thin (unless you enjoy noise and drones - there are plenty of those on archive.org, but we're keeping it funky, melodic, rhythmic, & lush here on .phonq). recommendations for reviews are welcome!

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