06 May 2005

Kiorda Däkin - Interstellar Paradise [1bit004]

one bit wonder does its magic again. it is only their fourth release so far but they set the bar real high by now and are striving to become the best lounge/groove outlet in the vast netlabel scene.

kiorda däkin gave us five tracks of groove delights aptly named insterstellar paradise as the latest one bit wonder. it is a potpourri of disco(ish) summer house topped of with jazzilistic rhodes, saxes, pianos, synth strings and a granule of vocoded vocals thrown in for good measure. except for the last track. the last track breaks the mold and features Iblesse's lovely vocal skills in a beautiful slice of lounge downbeats. summer is coming and kiorda knows that and serves you this soundtrack for the first warm days of this year.

recommended track: I Miss You (feat. Iblesse)

kiorda seems to be a newcomer in the netlabel world and one bit's artist page doesn't offer much info yet but his music defies my theory since it sounds well rounded and is well produced.

btw i just love those orangy covers for one bit's releases with the distinct 70's feel. if their creator reads this i'd like him to contact me on arguson@gmail.com.

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