03 May 2005

Macc - Empty Instrument/Non-Linear Phasing [XGN013]

yay! a drum'n'bass netlabel! well, finally... since scientific and language labs withered away, your reviewer was looking for a nice drum'n'bass/breaks oriented netlabel and here it is - exegene, releasing true broken beats in hq 256kbps mp3 form. its thinking man's drum'n'bass, not the standard dancefloor techstep fare we're being bombarded with.

Macc's two tracker is the latest release on exegene and it's dark and moody. Empty Instrument is a dark eerie (sound)track with slightly warped (in a good way) breakbeat manipulation and an bassline that ominously emerges from the background, definately not for the faint of heart. Non-Linear Phasing gets even darker with its spine chilling intro that breaks down into amazing break rolls but Macc is injecting small doses of funk in the gloom to stirr things up.

recommended track(s): Empty Instrument / Non-Linear Phasing

yep, both tracks are recommended and with a reason. can't wait to hear new stuff from exegene cause their old releases are quite good and with a very small percentage of letdowns.

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cube said...

hope you dont mind if we use this review in the SubvertZine. :)
thanks for the kind words.