07 May 2005

Moosefrog - Come [lokw001]

a tiny message on archive.org saying:
Lo_Kiwi is a new netlabel.
indicative isn't it... and thats all there is. except. a link. a link to their first release, an album by mark & sam ie Moosefrog. lo_kiwi - now thats a weird name for a label!

Come shows organic jazz blending with electronic samplework and beat programming that converges into seven impeccable nujazz downtempo jams. but this ain't no ordinary downtempo music, a special touch comes from sam's electric guitar solos and riffs emphasizing the mood of each track, be it funk or blues. from the bossa nova-like opener in Zero Gravity Containerstraight thru the funky center of the album right to the dreamy trippy finisher Dreaming of Wings the finnish duo excercise their superb skills in creating moody memorable music.

after visiting moosefrog's page i found out they have one previous release on a label that seems defunct now (that coming from the obvious lack of a webpage on the address supplied), luckily most of their music can be also downloaded from download.com.

note to the lo_kiwi organizers, whoever you might be: you've got a real gem here, don't waste it. netlabel running isn't just uploading mp3's to a site and saying "here, a new netlabel, download our stuff". make a webpage, promote, contact other sites! i hope phonq boosts the download count a bit.


their webpage is online and available on http://lo-kiwi.org

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