10 May 2005

Kolibries - Tales of the Circle EP [kahvi143]

kahvi is one of scene's longest running netlabels and this is their 143st release, yep, a triple digit number and that has to account for something, right? in this case it is quality. continuing the long tradition, kahvi finds new talents and brings them to the fore, just like with Kolibries and his Tales of the Circle EP.

Kolibries introduces himself with a five track ep of ambient electronica that dodges conventions and whisks away to downbeat influenced rhythmic patterns and jazz instrumentalism. so you get trademark ambient-ic synth chords and the warm analogue pads intertwined with some bass and dub. that analogueness is truly obvious on the central track, Radio, together with the cutesy processed vocals and as 4t thieves (label manager/owner) said, it does remind of apollo 440. what about the jazz? oh! the jazz comes to the fore in Soulmates creating a sentimental and emotional ride crisscross a live-like jazz band section with analogue twinkles. the ep comes to a conclusion tripping out on Tale of the Circle, which reminds me on all those demo sountracks from the yesteryear. a smooth trippy experience and for a debut release it is truly an above average set of tracks.

recommended track: Soulmates

i have to admit kahvi isn't a label i downloaded from often in the past year but my mouse pointer was drawn in with the mention of a fresh artist. lucky me and lucky you! if only 4t would put some more artist info about kolibries on the kahvi site!

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