17 May 2005

Authist & Dub One! - Dub Illusions EP [iD.021]

straight from the heart of berlin comes this (mini)album of dub flavored downtempo by the amazing Authist & Dub One!. conveying the true jamaican spirit, the first half of the album are all genuine dub jams, not so heavy on delays like their rolemodels but nevertheless excellent. the duo also explores the world music edge of the spectrum with Around the World and Insomnia in Dub featuring a lovely vocal appearance by Marisa combines dub and loungy jazz. Trulala gives the second vocal appearance in a sweet, and completely uncommon style for netlabels, r'n'b track Sweet Berlin (Vocal Mix). final tracks offer up some true barrywhitesque funk as witnessed in Get on Upaaah! and instumental hiphop beats in Lounge 36 (Oldskool Mix) and the bonus tracky instrumental rendition of Sweet Berlin.

recommended track: Insomnia in Dub (feat. Marisa)

that was a nice album. dub is currently a technofied genre in the scene and its refreshing to have a couple original dub track. vocal work in the two tracks is great and i was genuinely surprised when i heard a typical r'n'b track in there.



Anonymous said...

jau, gute empfehlung. vielen dank!

Anonymous said...

2nd album out now