06 April 2005

zvukbroda: btc [ego071]

this release looks like a conceptual album (unlike their acclaimed tTRI album) on which zvukbroda take a string quartet as the central point and gradually develop a story composed of 6 tracks around them in a subtle, deep, yet dancey way.

album starts with a clicky, minimal, beatless and incredibly atmospheric btc-01, which introduces us to the string samples we're going to listen to throughout the album.

btc-02 takes those strings for a dubby ride and further into more danceable territory with btc-03, btc-04 and btc-05 and culminates in my personal favorite btc-06.

btc-06 combines the entire album into one magnificent dub techhouse outing closing the release with grace.

recap: yet another quality release from croatia's most prolific electronica act and be sure to check out their older releases and tons of live sets, all available on their page.

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